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LTK Co. Sunstone Leather Wrapped Pendant


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  • Leadership  and courage stone
  • Clears all Chakras
  • Considered a good luck stone
  • Helps with healing after a loss


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  • The leather will take some time to mould to your shape. The natural oils from your skin will soften it over time.  If you want to help the process, rub your fingers down the leather. 
  • Never wear your leather necklace or bracelet in the shower, pool, gym or ocean as the moisture will dry the leather and deteriorate quickly.  The clasp is not designed to be used in a gym or sports environment. Our refund & replacement time frame will be voided if it has been worn in any of these environments. 


  • Cleanse your crystals by leaving them to recharge in the light of a full moon. 
  • You can also cleanse your crystals with Sage.

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Your LTK Co. Sunstone Leather Wrapped Pendant

Birthstone Month: August and September

Star Sign: Virgo and Aries

Chakra: Root and Sacral

Meaning of your healing Sunstone Pendant: 

Firstly, Sunstone is a leadership stone and carries with it the light of the Sun. It helps promote clarity, power and higher awareness whilst balancing warmth, love and acceptance. All of these qualities are the perfect concoction for a brilliant leader.

Additionally, In the workplace it assists with promotions and brings about opportunities for leadership. If you are looking at applying for a more senior position wear your Sunstone necklace to help assist with this process.

Also, Sunstone is and excellent crystal to help with possessive people and energy vampires that may be in your life. Wear it to clear away negative energies and cleanse all your chakras; in particular your root and sacral chakras. It also assists in the grieving process after the loss of a loved one by showing you that even after death the warmth of the sun will shine life once again.

Lastly, Sunstone is a wonderful stone to help with fears and phobias. If you have a dislike of confined spaces or the dark, hold and wear your Sunstone necklace to you to help combat your fear.

Your healing Sunstone Pendant: 

Handcrafted in Redland Bay Queensland, this rustic leather bound genuine Sunstone crystal ranges from approximately 3.5cm to 4.5cm from top of loop to tip of crystal. It comes in either a black leather wrap or antique brown wrap. These pendants fit perfectly with our leather bracelets and leather necklaces. Because Sunstone occurs naturally from the Earth, these stones will always be unique in clarity and colour.

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