LTK Co. Women's Scolecite Leather Necklace


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  • The leather will take some time to mould to your shape. The natural oils from your skin will soften it over time.  If you want to help the process, rub your fingers down the leather. 
  • Never wear your leather necklace or bracelet in the shower or ocean as it will dry the leather and deteriorate quickly. Please note you will void all warranties if your jewellery piece has been worn in water. 


  • Cleanse your crystals by leaving them to recharge in the light of a full moon. 
  • You can also cleanse your crystals with Sage. 


Women’s Scolecite Leather Necklace

Star Sign: Capricorn

Chakra: Heart and Third Eye


  • Stone of communication
  • Induces calm sleep
  • High vibration crystal
  • Promotes Self Confidence


Scolecite is such a pure and beautiful crystal. Unknown to some, this gorgeous crystal is quiet powerful. Scolecite is a high vibration crystal and works in unison with the heart and third eye chakras. It opens and awakens the heart and instills inner peace. It is also known as the stone of communication, allowing you to be more open and self confident. Place it under your pillow at night to induce a wonderful calm sleep.

The Necklace:

Handcrafted in Redland Bay Queensland, this rustic leather bound Scolecite crystal ranges from approximately 3.5cm to 4.5cm from top of loop to tip of crystal. This necklace is secured at the back with a very easy and strong magnetic clip which allows it to be taken off and put on in literally a second. Our magnetic clips will from time to time change and may not be the same as the photo.  As Scolecite occurs naturally from the Earth, these stones will always be unique in clarity and colour.

Additional information

Weight 50 g


Gift Wrapped




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