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LTK Co. Unique Healing Blue Kyanite Leather Necklace


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Please note that the size guide is simply a guide to hopefully help you make the best choice when purchasing your LTK Co jewellery. 

There are many factors to take into consideration when measuring, including the build of the person, their height and also what kind of fit they actually like. The sizes illustrated on the models are a guide only. 

If you need more assistance, please chat with us or message 0415233446. Please also check out our returns policy and FAQ’s 


Women's Necklace Size Guide

Men's Necklace Size Guide

*Please note that a 45cm is more of a choker style in Men's Sizing. If you have a muscular neck, a 45cm might be too small and a larger size is recommended.*

Bracelet Sizing

How to measure your wrist for the correct bracelet size:

1- Place a piece of string all the way around your wrist (not too tight and not too loose - It still needs to be able to move on your wrist)

2- Hold where it meets back around to the starting point.

3- Take a ruler or tape measure and measure the piece of string from the beginning point of the string to where your finger is holding.

4- Pick the closest sizing from the drop down menu on the bracelet you are buying.

Note: All of our bracelets are measured from clasp end to clasp end.

How to measure


  • The leather will take some time to mould to your shape. The natural oils from your skin will soften it over time.  If you want to help the process, rub your fingers down the leather. 
  • Never wear your leather necklace or bracelet in the shower or ocean as it will dry the leather and deteriorate quickly. Please note you will void all warranties if your jewellery piece has been worn in water. 


  • Cleanse your crystals by leaving them to recharge in the light of a full moon. 
  • You can also cleanse your crystals with Sage. 
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 Unique Healing Blue Kyanite Leather Necklace

Birth Month: February & March 

Star Sign: Taurus 

Chakra: Throat 

Properties of your healing Kyanite Necklace:

  • Excellent crystal for communication
  • Does not retain negative energies or vibrations
  • Drives away anger and frustration
  • Induces dream recall
  • Aligns all chakras

Meaning of your healing Kyanite Necklace:

Blue Kyanite is known as the stone of alignment and communication. With it’s beautiful blue and grey hues every piece is so wonderfully unique. Blue Kyanite helps to speak one’s truth with clarity and aids in any forms of communication where you may be struggling. It is the stone of alignment and works with your body and mind to align all your chakras. Blue Kyanite is one of only two minerals that neither accumulates or retains negative energy and does not need cleansing. It has also been know to assist with remembering your dreams.

Kyanite is the Protection Crystal for: 

  • Motivational Speakers
  • Mediators
  • Lawyers
  • CEO’s

Your healing Kyanite Necklace: 

Handcrafted in Redland Bay Queensland, this rustic leather bound dark blue and grey genuine Kyanite piece is just over 7cm from top of loop to the bottom and narrows down to 1cm in width. It is smooth and rounded at the bottom. It has the most beautiful grey and blue hues and when held up to the light it has eye catching transparent areas of turquoise blue. This necklace is secured at the back with a very easy and strong magnetic clip which allows it to be taken off and put on in literally a second. The rustic braided leather necklace is suitable for a female or male wearer and comes in 4 different sizes.

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