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LTK Co. Adjustable Green Fluorite Necklace


  • Stimulates the brain to absorb new information
  • Restores order to chaotic situations
  • Enhances the mind to a greater spiritual state
  • Clears negative energies

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  • The leather will take some time to mould to your shape. The natural oils from your skin will soften it over time.  If you want to help the process, rub your fingers down the leather. 
  • Never wear your leather necklace or bracelet in the shower, pool, gym or ocean as the moisture will dry the leather and deteriorate quickly.  The clasp is not designed to be used in a gym or sports environment. Our refund & replacement time frame will be voided if it has been worn in any of these environments. 


  • Cleanse your crystals by leaving them to recharge in the light of a full moon. 
  • You can also cleanse your crystals with Sage.

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Your LTK Co. Adjustable Green Fluorite Necklace

Birthstone Month: May

Star Sign: Pisces

Chakra: Heart and Third Eye

Meaning of your healing Green Fluorite necklace: 

Renowned as the “focus stone,” Green Fluorite not only sharpens mental acuity but also facilitates the seamless assimilation of new knowledge. This makes it an invaluable ally for students and anyone grappling with memory recall.

Beyond its cognitive benefits, Green Fluorite boasts remarkable properties for dispelling negativity and restoring harmony amidst chaos. Whether worn or placed strategically, its presence acts as a shield against unfavorable energies and disruptive EMF radiation, redirecting them away from your inner sanctum.

For those embarking on a fitness journey or seeking to infuse more structure into their daily routine, Green Fluorite serves as a guiding light, aiding in the establishment and maintenance of organizational habits.

At day’s end, tuck your Fluorite necklace beneath your pillow, allowing its soothing energies to lull you into restful slumber, banishing sleep disturbances and quelling nocturnal anxieties.

Your healing Green Fluorite Necklace: 

Handcrafted and hand cut from a larger piece of Green Fluorite, in Redland Bay Queensland, this rustic genuine raw Green Fluorite crystal is approximately almost 1.5cm wide and 3cm in length. It is in a rectangular shape, smooth and polished all over. The beautiful clear greens and purple layers on this piece are stunning. The piece you see, is the piece you receive.

This gorgeous piece comes on an adjustable waxed black cotton cord so it can easily be adjusted to whatever size you would like.

Because Fluorite occurs naturally from the Earth, these stones will always be unique in clarity and colour.