LTK Co. Women’s Black Tourmaline Leather Necklace

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Women’s Black Tourmaline Leather Necklace

Birthstone Month: October

Star Sign: Libra

Chakra: Root


  • Neutralizes and purifies negative thoughts
  • Excellent grounding stone in mediation and healing
  • Soothes panic attacks and anxiety
  • Used as a shamanic stone


This stunning black  Australian made Tourmaline necklace is not only striking but has many wonderful energies flowing through it. Black Tourmaline is best known as the grounding stone. In today’s society black Tourmaline is worn to ground oneself, promote self confidence and to purify your negative thoughts. In ancient times Shamans and Magicians would use this crystal to deflect negative energies as they cast their spells and interact with the spirit world. As black Tourmaline is a naturally occurring stone from the Earth, they will always be unique in colour and clarity.

The Necklace: 

Handcrafted in Redland Bay Queensland, this rustic leather bound Tourmaline crystal ranges from approximately 3.5cm to 4.5cm from top of loop to tip of crystal. This necklace is secured at the back with a very easy and strong magnetic clip which allows it to be taken off and put on in literally a second. Our magnetic clips will from time to time change and may not be the same as the photo.  As Tourmaline occurs naturally from the Earth, these stones will always be unique in clarity and colour.

2 reviews for LTK Co. Women’s Black Tourmaline Leather Necklace

  1. Marion (verified owner)

    What a lovely quality this item is. Superb service, excellent communication and patience re my purchase. Swift postage and wonderful team. Thank you

  2. Tepaea Hura (verified owner)

    Love the service an quality of my purchase,, awesome communication an fast postage, just absolutely amazing ???

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