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Who is the LTK Co. Tribe?

Hi there! And a big welcome to our online shop!

Firstly, let us just put your mind at ease. If you’ve arrived at this point, you’re either looking at buying a product or two from our online shop or just wanting to get a general feel about who we are. Whether you are a newbie at buying online or a complete pro, it’s always nice to know who you are communicating with.

We want you to know that if you have a question we are here to answer it for you. Whether it be about shipping or a product you have your eye on, our support team can certainly help you out.

Now, a little bit about us, our company and why we do what we do. We started LTK becuase we adore all things natural and truly believe that somehow we are all connected. Not just Souls connected (that’s another story for another day) but connected and drawn to the vibrations and energies around us. Whether that be a crystal, another person or just a general feeling. We’ve all had that strange I don’t know how I know you or I’m just attracted to this…… whatever it might be. It’s because you’re vibration is ringing on the same vibration as what you are needing. 

When you buy crystals, necklaces or bracelets from us, we want you the receiver to feel like the “gift” is coming from our family; our tribe. You may not know us but every piece that we make and source, we pick with absolute love in our hearts and send it to you as if we were sending it to a member of our Family, hence the name LTK – Love, The Kendalls.  When you receive your gifts from us we hope that you feel the love that comes with them.

I hope we have given you some confidence in us and what we are about.

We would love to chat so please feel free to click on the little blue icon bubble in the right hand corner. 

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Love The Kendalls xx